Mondolandia Village

A multifunctional area that adapts to your needs!

Mondolandia Village has 9 hectares of space available for exhibitions, meetings, conventions, wedding catering, or big events, gatherings etc. The area supplies  highly qualified accommodations, spaces equipped with audio-video systems for meetings, wide car- park, restaurant, pizzeria, bar, gelato and bakery handicraft workshops..

The outside space is adjustable according to the clienteles needs and can be arranged in any way, also with tensile structures that can hold from a few hundred people to groups of higher amounts.

Toscana Expo Mondolandia collaborates with exclusive suppliers for the technical and IT services, guaranteeing a high level of performance.

We also use expert fitters to create exhibition areas with stands or modular tensile structures to satisfy all needs. All the food services are supplied by Toscana Catering, while for the participants’ stays we collaborate with the RP Hotels group and other chosen hotels.

Air conditioned facilities

The Tensile structures can be air conditioned or with central heating depending on the season.

Personalized arrangements

The area for specific arrangements or the collocation and exhibition of any kind of vehicles is very wide.

Adaptable Spaces

The spaces can be adapted to the various exhibit needs

9 hectares of open-air space

Proximity to airports

Florence and Pisa, to the motorway exit and to the Montecatini train station


Wide out-side parking area for 600/1000 places and a covered parking area of abut 5000 square meters.

Refreshment areas


Mondolandia is served by a restaurant that offers the possibility to guest up to 500 people


In Mondolandia it is possible to enjoy an area set up as a pizzeria.


In Mondolandia is possible to enjoy an area set up as a gelateria/patisserie

Equipped kitchen area

The equipped kitchen area can be enlarged with service structures to serve food events up to 2000 people

Children, entertainment and four-legged friends


A children’s area to allow family participation to the events, with the possibility of leaving the little ones in an area dedicated to them.

Dog area

Your 4 legged friends are welcome in Mondolandia, thanks to a dog area, arranged just for them.


In Mondolandia is also possible to do some horse-riding.


Mondolandia is equipped with a small amphitheatre to stage theatrical performances and concerts

Equipped areas

Office and wi-fi

In Mondolandia is also possible to use an office space and the whole area is covered by an optic fibre internet connection.


In Mondolandia is possible to arrange a picnic area

Exibition area

A 200 square meter structure used as an exhibition area, equipped with independent bathrooms, with AC and central heating.

Car Park

Wide out-door car park for 600/1000 places and an in-door car park of about 5000 square meters.

Toscana Expo Mondolandia in Montecatini in the heart of Tuscany, is a guaranteed success for your event. 

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Tel. : +39 0572 911089

via dei Bari

51016 Montecatini Terme


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